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Hope - today, tomorrow, together.

You live your life expecting you and your loved ones will maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. When someone you love has a severe physical or mental disability, the fall-out can be devastating for your entire family.

When faced with your new reality, you are obviously confused – intimidated -scared. Where do you begin? What needs to be done? You find the countless questions, scenarios and potential situations overwhelming and daunting. Of course they are. You have never been down this road before. You have no idea what to expect.

In uncertain times, you look for support and advice. Someone you can turn to with all your questions and concerns. You need someone to help you simplify your situation and provide you with the resources you need to begin looking toward a brighter tomorrow.

Our understanding comes from our awareness

we live this daily

Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency – URSA - can help. We are devoted to, not only the individual, but those around them - expected to pick up the pieces and carry on. We are here to help YOU.

URSA genuinely appreciates what you are going through because we go through it every day. We are constantly developing and extending opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Every day, we are helping them achieve personal levels of success and excellence. For as long as it’s required, we are committed to working with individuals to improve and strengthen their community involvement. We’re committed to continually improve their quality of life.

By contacting URSA, you are taking those first steps toward healing. By researching and deciding which course of action is most appropriate for you, you are beginning the process of rebuilding. You are helping your loved one, you are helping the situation and most of all, you are helping yourself.

Individuals and their families will be provided the support, resources and advice aimed at maximizing everyone’s quality of life. We will help alleviate the isolation you feel and give you opportunities where you previously felt you had none.

You are NOT alone

There is little doubt this is a tough journey for you. We are here to answer your questions and to offer support at the beginning and all through your venture. We will provide you with the encouragement and hope you need to make it through. Let us help you along your journey. You are not alone.

To learn more about URSA and our passion for the communities we serve, we encourage you to check out the following videos.









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